85% Increase In Revenue For Cosmetic Brand

The Results

  • An increase in revenue by 85% within the first month
  • 38% average order value increase
  • Resulting in $38,380.44 in net profit

The Challenge

  • Client had very low AOV
  • Only 1 winning product
  • Client was not retargeting on Google
  • Slow website

The Solution

  • We created a battle tested upsell sequence that worked right away
  • We created a retargeting campaign for brand name traffic
  • Removed unused apps & optimized images

This client first came to me after purchasing a cosmetic brand and wanted to scale right away. The media buying team had left so we were hired to keep things running smoothly. This brands main form of traffic was facebook ads & email marketing. Right away we knew their was lots of room for optimization.


As it still stands today the client has maintained over a $48 dollar AOV. Before we worked with this brand they were sitting at an AOV of $35. Which meant they couldn't be as aggressive as they wanted to be with paid traffic. They are now making more profit per month.

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