Top 5 Features Of CommerceHQ

CommerceHQ is an online platform designed for the specific purpose of achieving or boosting higher conversion rates to build a paramount sales funnel, possibly on any platform for e-commerce marketers. It does so by offering an abundance of features and functions for creating and managing online stores such as tools, themes and plugins which are crucial for customising online stores.

CommerceHQ is a result of an idea by Joh Mac and was brought to life by Joh Mac and his partner Vlad. It was officially launched in 2015 and was made available to the public in 2017. Joh Mac is a well-known marketer across the industry. He is also the owner of other popular sites such as Shopify and Teespring; which are online platforms that allow users to create and sell products online. Shopify allows users to create online stores such as that of his original Teespring design featuring their own products. It became a worldwide success and a game-changer in the e-commerce system with improved features from time to time. The emergence of CommerceHQ is considered to be an evolution of Shopify with better offers to give.

No Transaction Fees

One of the most significant advantages of CommerceHQ is that there are no transaction fees; this allows e-commerce marketers to have control over every sale without experiencing costs that eat into their profit margins. Users can also avoid added expenses. An e-marketer can forego the 2% fee paid on processing payments to third parties such as on Shopify.

Integrates With Stripe And Paypal

CommerceHQ has a store set up for processing payments that give options to pay via Stripe or PayPal. CommerceHQ has partnered with Stripe to make online payments through credit cards in their online stores possible, in a much more simplified manner. The platform also offers users with PayPal accounts, a simple way to make payments. For online stores wanting to offer PayPal checkout method, the store owner has to grant CommerceHQ third party API access to their PayPal account.

Powerful Theme Builder

CommerceHQ helps one build a good looking store thanks to its vast collection of theme pages and themes which do not require prior coding experience. It also features a visual drag and drop builder, and by applying this feature, a user can ultimately build an online store page and customize their store theme.

Free Apps

It has numerous free apps that users can utilise without additional costs to the business. Such apps include Recent Purchase Notifications App, Quantity Left App, Abandoned Checkout Recovery App, Up-Sells App, Review App, Shipping Plus App, Timer Widget, Product Customizer App, Promo Bar App, Checkout Timer and More.

Upsell Capabilities Included

It provides the One-Click Upsells feature, and with it, a user can create post-purchase upsells and the customer will not have to provide their card details over and over again. Also, the Buy X items, Get X items Free or Get % off upsell for prizes and discounts. The other one is Store-Wide Discount Timer for post-purchase sales for increasing customers average order value. Another upsell capability is the Product Recommendation Campaign option, which includes the one-click upsell App to display related products that your customers might like.



CommerceHQ offers affordable prices for its users in different packages. The startups package costs $99/month whereby one gets one Store, and all features included, there are no transaction fees. Universal products and files included, SSL security included and Up to 30k a month in sales.

The Pro package costs $299/month supporting up to 6 stores with all features included. There are no transaction fees, and offers unlimited products and files, SSL security and Up to 80k a month in sales

Last but not least is the Enterprise package that offers 30+ Stores with all features included. Also, there are no transaction fees, offers unlimited products and files, SSL security, plus unlimited sales.

CommerceHQ vs Shopify

Even though Shopify has more apps & support system, CommerceHQ is still a better choice because the apps available in the platform are built-in apps. The Apps are available for free and can be found in the free app store.

Another great incentive for using CommerceHQ Vs. Shopify is the $0 charge for transaction fee and the top-notch Visual Drag and drop builder embedded in the platform.

What Is Store Formula?

Store formula is a course by Joh Mac that teaches drop shipping

Store formula is an online program that helps online businesses to learn through step by step instructions on how to start and develop prosperous e-commerce business. Jon Mac is quite a famous online trader who has prepared various business courses. The most recent one is Store Formula (3). This course teaches the methods that can be used to set up an e-commerce store and also how to effectively utilise dropshipping and Shopify. Aside from that, it aims to spread knowledge on marketing and advertising products using paid Facebook Ads.

Jon Mac is a prominent person in this field; therefore, it is essential to look deep into the actual value of the program he provides to online business owners. To get a clear and broad understanding of Store Formula, you have to know what the course includes. Store Formula 3 goes through changes regularly, which means more material is added from time to time.

John Mac in his course offers a free eBook called “Cash Flow for Life: How to Generate an Income Online,” which contains a lot of intriguing details and gives you a proper grasp of the course. The eBook explains about time used on assessing different suppliers and a lot of lessons about searching for the correct goods to market. In his class, Jon Mac recommends the use of Facebook Ads to boost sales. The course by Joh Mac can cost up to $997.

In his program, he advises, “It takes much hard work to build a profitable dropshipping business! It is no “get rich quick” scheme, and there are no shortcuts.”

What Stores Run On CommerceHQ?

There are no big stores currently running on CommerceHQ, but many newer stores are catching on the trend. As more people know about the excellent features offered by the platform, experts predict that many more drop shippers will switch from Shopify to CommerceHQ.

What Is The Best CommerceHQ Dropshipping App?

CommerceHQ is a great platform that you can use for your dropshipping business. There are a lot of e-commerce dropshipping Apps that integrate with CommerceHQ and allow you to automate parts of your CommerceHQ dropshipping store.

Despite the existence of many apps that automate parts of the process for you, there is only one dropshipping App that can automate your entire drop shipping business. That App is known as a drop-ship app. This App is easily the best amongst the rest in terms of automation capabilities. It’s the best dropshipping App on the market that integrates seamlessly with your Dropshipping store.

CommerceHQ integrates with dropify so that online stores owners never have to worry about packaging, shipping, or holding any inventory. Thus giving you ample time to direct your undivided attention on marketing and SEO for your business. Not only does dropified help you start your dropshipping business, but the service also helps you to find products to sell on CommerceHQ. It helps you to find various dropshipping suppliers and add the products directly into your CommerceHQ store.

Alternative Ways Of Adding Products To CommerceHQ Without Using Dropified

There is an alternative way for one to add products on CommerceHQ without using dropified. It is simple, quick and only takes a few minutes. Simply follow the steps below:

  • First, click the products tab along the top then when on the products area, click the “Add a Product”.

You’ll be directed to the page where you can add product details.

  • Add a type. If it’s a pair of shoe, then put “shoes.”
  • Choose the collection that you want the product to show up.
  • Add a product title.
  • Then add a product description.
  • Then add your sale price with the compare price.

The next two necessary steps are to add Tags and Images.

  • Shorten the URL so that it not too long.
  • Then Click Publish, and you’ll be done

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