7 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Running an ecommerce business by yourself? Maybe your even unloading all of the marketing efforts to one employee or business partner. Ecom can be more stressful than most people may think. The good news is you can make more sales & have more freedom by working with an experienced ecommerce marketing agency. These are just a few benefits with working with an agency if you’re lucky enough

  1. Quantifiable Results You Can Track
  2. Cheaper Operational Costs
  3. Ability To Get More Sh*t Done
  4. Highly Skilled Team Working With You Instead Of For You
  5. Inside Marketing Secrets
  6. No Hard Feelings About Letting Someone Go
  7. Time Freedom To Do The Things You Want To Do

What is an ecommerce marketing agency?

An ecommerce marketing agency helps brands bring in more customers via the internet. Local marketing agencies focus more on bringing customers to a physical locations. Although we provide similar services as a local marketing agency we are more results oriented. We prioritize sales over leads. Agencies are really the best kept secret for high profile ecommerce brands. Below are some services we offer.


Facebook Advertising
Google Advertising
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing

These services allow brands to grow their topline revenue instead of just “brand awareness”. Bonus points if an agency can help you generate more revenue without spending more money on advertising.

Here are the 7 reasons explained…

1. Quantifiable Results

Since agencies work on performance you can expect a much faster return on deliverables. For instance when we do email marketing for clients they see a huge boost in revenue almost right away. With things like SEO it does take a bit longer. On the other hand once your ranking on google those rankings will last forever. Working with an ecommerce agency gives you the luxury of knowing that your going to see some type of result from our efforts. You just don’t get this when working with someone in the marketing department. They may not even care enough about your company enough to tell your in your face that your marketing campaigns suck.

Revenue Reporting

I think the invention of reports was something that really gave clients the confidence that what the agency was doing was actually working. Weekly & monthly reports keep the agency on their toes which mean your revenues will typically be more stable compared to someone who isn’t tracking the progress of the marketing campaigns. The reports you get from employees typically include irrelevant stats that mean absolutely nothing. Like how many staplers where ordered last month compared to this month. Real reporting shows where

2. Cheaper Operation Costs

If you thought hiring overseas was cheap, try working with a really good agency. For the price of 1 high level employee you get more than 1 service. There is also a big difference hiring a typical employee vs an agency. Think about it. A team of 5 can provide way more output than 1 single employee. Let’s say Bob makes $100,000 per year to do 1 task. & our agency charges 76% cheaper to do Bob’s task AND more. This is why the agency model works out so well. Since agencies work remote you don’t have to worry about employees taking too many breaks, slacking off during office hours, drinking all the coffee, or being grumpy in the mornings.

Employees are simply too expensive. Not to mention employees that don’t directly have an impact on your brands yearly numbers. Gone are the days of just having cogs in the wheel. Things are getting competitive and as a business you will have to save money where you can.

Cost breakdown based of silicon valley marketing salaries for each service we offer

Image of silicon valley employees with salary above head
Job Role Salary Location
Email Marketing Manager $88,514 San Francisco, CA
Search Engine Optimization $83,369 San Francisco, CA
Google Advertising Specialist $63,461 San Francisco, CA
Facebook Marketing Manager $68,020 San Francisco, CA
Mergers & Acquisitions $152,416 San Francisco, CA

As you can see even if we removed let’s say facebook advertising & Mergers you would still be looking in an annual cost of $160,344. Monthly it would be 13k per month. That’s not even including medical and the costs that come with doing business. Agencies typically run circles around individual employees too. At Least ours does. For not even half of the price.

I also threw in mergers & acquisitions since we help business owners sell their ecommerce brand. We’ve helped our clients sell 8 sites so far. So if thats something your looking to explore make sure to bring it up on our strategy call.

3. Getting More Sh*t Done

Companies who get the most done win. How fast is your marketing department moving currently? Are there any bottlenecks in your marketing strategies?

Services That Matter

Working with someone who has operated & owned their owned ecommerce business is very important. We’ve learned things that can only be learned through experience. Putting up your own money for projects is much different than working for a company that makes all the decisions. When working with an agency your working with someone like you who has done those hard things to do whatever it takes to stay in business. We know what works & what doesn’t.

Facebook advertising & social media management comparison

Additional Services

Most of the time agencies have additional services that are not advertised on their website. If you need a certain thing completed ask if they offer it. You wouldn’t really be able to do this with a typical employee. Full service agencies have the manpower to fulfill just about any task you would need. Just make sure they are really good at whatever you are proposing. Just because someone says they can do something doesn’t mean they can do it well. Have them do smaller tasks to see if this is an additional service you would want in the rotation.

Less Wasted Time

When working with an agency you won’t have to worry about an employee wasting company time playing angry birds. Deliverables are Deliverables. They either get done or the agency gets fired. Period. A good agency will have processes in place to make sure their client gets more than what they need and are satisfied with the results. One thing you can’t get back in life is time. Working with an agency means you get the maximum bang for your buck that you possible can for your money.

4. Highly Skilled Marketers

There is a big difference between someone who just graduated with a business development degree versus someone who started their own company that’s actually made a profit. Most agency owners are extremely skilled in multiple areas of business. Why? Because we had to be. If we didn’t get results we wouldn’t have been able to eat. Where as if an employee doesn’t get a result its not that big of a deal since it’s technically not their individual responsibility.

At the end of the day as a business owner your main goal is to generate sales. Without sales the business dies. We know what its like hiring someone to do a specific task and it not being that quantifiable. You feel bad for telling them that you no longer need them. You know that person isn’t bringing the company money but you don’t want to let them go. This is because most job positions are BS. Like what exactly is a social media manager? If any agency offers this as their flagship service run far far away. It’s a complete waste of money. Getting likes on a post won’t get you sales. Services that matter involve helping the client convert traffic into buyers in some way form or fashion. We do this with email marketing & SEO mainly.

Bureaucracy Free

Companies would be more profitable if there was less bureaucracy. For instance is your upper management team giving orders just to give orders? Conflicts with employees and upper management just wastes time & resources. I was never a person to like the structure of the typical work force. It’s just a different dynamic when you compare the relationships between (employee & boss) versus (company & agency). When everyone is on the same level things typically get done. Of course this doesn’t mean every agency will gain your respect however in general we are here to work with you reach your goals instead of working for you doing mindless tasks.

5. Inside Secrets

Since marketing agencies typically work with clients who are in the same niche we are able to quickly inject your business with strategies that are proven to be working for other brands. Let’s say Brand A has been seeing a return of 25% with a new strategy. We would then be able to efficiently mimic those results for Brand B. The more clients an agency works with the the more it creates a flywheel of success. This is why sending referrals is such a good idea.

6. No Hard Feelings

Let’s be honest, firing people sucks. Seeing someone come to work to pick up their things & hope they don’t come back unexpectedly. When working with an ecommerce marketing agency you have the flexibility to test the waters & cut them lose if needed without feeling guilty. Of course if the agency is doing their job you will most likely keep them for as long as possible. Who would intentionally throw away money? Right?

No more micromanaging

Always having to tell someone what to do can be tiring. Not only that it can cause bottlenecks in your business. Bob did in fact get the memo. One downside to having a physical location is that there is a tendency to “check in” to make sure everyone is productive. Since an agency is only in business if you succeed you won’t have to worry about this. Employees however do not have a real incentive to make sure your business makes as much money as possible. Agencies put more risk on their back, but for good reason. We know we can get results for our clients so its totally worth it. Employees however don’t want this responsibility.

7. Time Freedom

The Do-it-yourself trap

Doing everything yourself is never a good idea. I get it, your a very smart & successful person that knows a lot about marketing. However there are people that can do it better than you that can help you grow further. The reason people hire agencies is because they tried something that didn’t work & now they are seeking help. When in actuality all they had to do was conduct split tests until the problem was solved. With that said how much time do you really think you have to see a split test through till the very end? Probably not much time. You want to be able to work on your business & not in your business. Let someone else worry about optimization.

Site Back & Relax

Working too hard can actually damage your business. The thing that you once loved can turn into something that you despise and want to get rid of. Someone who is relaxed or well rested will operate far more efficiently overtime. Even if you have employees your still always micro managing them so your not truly stress free. This is especially true if you own a physical location. The smart entrepreneurs hand off their marketing to agencies that get results so they can travel and do other things.

Ability To Sell The Business & Retire

I can tell you first hand that if you do not have standard operating procedures in place it’s going to make your company very hard to sell down the road. Let’s say Cathy has a million dollar cosmetic brand & does her own marketing. Jennifer has a similar business doing the same numbers but has an agency handling their marketing. If your a buyer which business would you rather buy? If you were to buy the business from person A she would have to train you on how to run everything. That usually always goes badly. I’ve seen it many times as I’ve bought and sold companies first hand. It can even get ugly if the buyer tanks the business and wants their money back. Having an agency with a proven SOP will naturally increase the valuation of your ecommerce brand.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the requirements to work with an ecommerce marketing agency?

Typically you will need to have a sustainable business to some degree that’s generating 6 figures per year. Preferably a business that has been in operation for longer than a year. Really good digital marketing agencies won’t take brands that are pre-revenue. The risk isn’t only on you. If we work with a client that has an unstable business model we could potentially be losing lots of time. This is because getting clients results quickly is what we live by. Hard to do that with a new business. If you have no customers that would be far too much responsibility on an agency.

However we make great businesses even better. The more you understand about marketing the better. This way we aren’t explaining alien concepts to you all the time. Communication is also key.

Do you work with Amazon Brands?

Yes, if you have an amazon based business we would love to help you start building an email list. The bad new is right now your making Jeff Bezos rich by not collecting your customers information. If you get kicked off the platform you now don’t have a business. Before we talk about things like optimizing your Amazon ppc campaigns we would first want come up with a plan to collect your customers data before it’s too late.

Do you make websites for ecommerce brands?

Right now we are focused on working with established brands who are looking to add extra revenue channels to their business. Our core services are Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, & Retargeting (Google & Facebook) With that said we can recommend you to some really good website designers, just drop us a line. Learn more about some of our services in detail here

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