Email Strategies For Beauty & Cosmetic Brands

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Did you just start a new cosmetics brand or looking to add a new sales channel? Great! Let’s look at some quick ways you can develop an email strategy for your business.

The best email strategies for cosmetic brands are collecting visitors email with popups, creating enticing automated flows & scheduling out campaigns weekly.

9 Beauty & Cosmetic Brand Email Examples

Before we get into what makes for good email just take a look at the following welcome emails from these 9 brands. You will eventually see a pattern of what converts and what doesn’t.

6 welcome email examples

Can you guess which email converts the best out of these 6 emails? In this bunch colourpop takes the cake. With a clear call to action, enticing offer, & spectacular design they are definitely generating 6 figures per month with that welcome email. All the rest either have too much text or no clear call to action.

It’s not their fault though, it’s extremely hard to find people who are good at design & marketing who have also made money doing what you hired them for. Hiring interns or art students who just graduated won’t get you to 20-30% in email revenue per month.

Brand Offer Score Design Score Total Score 3 7 10/20 3 6 9/20 3 4 7/20 10 10 20/20 1 2 3/20 1 1 2/20
6 different welcome email examples

Brand Offer Score Design Score Total Score 1 2 3/20 3 6 9/20 8 3 11/20 1 6 7/20 3 7 10/20 10 5 15/20

How about these? Can you guess one which converts the best? Dermstore takes the cake in this line up. The plain text call to action doesn’t have much design but from my experience I know for a fact they are making good money from this automated email. Onetwocosmetics comes in second place. The small text really ruined this emails design though. I actually don’t want to think about how much money they are losing so let’s move forward.

Emails That Don’t Convert

Wouldn’t it be great if every email we sent converted? The sad fact is people don’t have time to read your email. They are distracted with other things and you only have a small window to get them to buy.

1 . Emails talking about the brand story

Don’t get me wrong, brand story is great and all but they just don’t convert. By now your subscribers should know what your brand is about. Every now and again you can send them content & updates about new developments however I wouldn’t make it a habit. Leave that for your actual website.

2. Emails with too many types of offers

Another thing that can reduce conversion rates is having too many offers on the same page. I see big brands doing this and its losing them millions of dollars. For instance don’t have a 10% off coupon and a free shipping offer in the same email. This confuses people. By nature humans like to be lead, however we don’t like to be confused. Your subscribers will join someone else’s list who has more straight forward offers.

3. Emails encouraging subscribers too take too many actions (like page, leave review, refer friends etc)

Similar to too many offers you can also have too many actions for the subscriber to take. If you want people to like your page make a seperate email for that and try not to mix too many actions together or else people won’t take any action at all.

4. Emails for products that are not what your subscribers are used to seeing

This is a tricky one. Sometimes Agencies won’t have access to your shopify backend so they won’t know what your best sellers are so communication is crucial. For instance if you sell beauty products don’t send out an email for a product. Unless you like burning money, in that case send as many t-shirt emails as you wan’t.

5. Emails about blog articles no one’s interested in

There is a notion that you have to send out content campaigns regularly to keep your audience “engaged”. The truth is most content pieces are not thought out in the first place and they just don’t do well unless you’re making content to solve someone’s problem like this post.

How To Collect Emails

In order to have a profitable email strategy you need a way to collect emails. Most cosmetic brands have very poor methods of getting subscribers. I’d say 98% of brands have a small little subscribe now link hidden at the very bottom of the page. When I see stuff like this an image of money being thrown in the trash pops into my head. We collect emails with popups created in optinmonster. Our popups show on both mobile & desktop with there own unique triggers. For desktop we use exit technology which brings in a ton of leads & extra cash on the backend.

optinmonster logo

Optinmonster pricing. I always go with the pro plan since it has the Yes/No feature. This will increase your optin conversion since visitors take a micro commitment before putting in their email. Only reason we use optinmonster is mainly because Klavityo doesn’t have a Yes/No option.

Basic Plus Pro Growth
$19/mo $39/mo $59/mo $99/mo
Optinmonster Yes/No step
Step 1: Microcommentment
Optinmonster optin step
Step 2: Get email

A little tip: If you don’t want to pay yearly simple change the URL from to

Beautiful Popup example from Cel. If this popup had a Yes/No option it would be a 10/10. The no thanks text is also missing something critical which can increase the conversion rate of this popup even further.

Women holding skincare product popup for 10% off & free shipping

Bad popup example. No incentive, very general text, and not properly designed

Example of a bad popup

Automating Newsletters & Flows

The first thing we do with clients is make sure their automated flows are set up properly. This is where the bulk of your revenue comes from. Get this wrong and your email revenue will be very low or even non existent.

Brands don’t take email seriously is that they aren’t tracking their sales & subscribers. You should know roughly how many people are being added to your list. I think this is because people still are using double options. A double optin is when you require the subscriber to confirm their email address. These emails typically look super ugly and people never see them. Since they are designed so bad they go straight to the spam folder. You know those nigerian scammer emails? That’s what gmail thinks your confirmation page looks like. So enable single opt in and make sure you create an automation that sends a welcome email immediately. This welcome email should offer whatever you promised them in the popup.

Klaviyo logo

Example confirmation email that will land in the spam folder.It also looks unprofessional when your subscribers see what you named the list. “homepage opt-ins” yikes. Is that all I am to you? just a home page optin? ?

Bad confirmation email

Slightly better variation from temptalia. Adding the brand logo helps increase trust & brand recall with potential customers

Slightly better confirmation email by mailchimp

At the end of the day you don’t want the subscriber to confirm their email. It hurts your conversion rate and can even land your emails in the spam folder. Read through this blog article we made and learn how to enable single optin inside Klaviyo.

Scheduling & Creating Campaigns

Now that you know what to look for in an automated flow you will want to figure out how your going to send out weekly campaigns to your list. If your doing it yourself you will most likely not stick to a certain routine. In that case schedule out campaigns before hand. You will want to email your list every other day and alternate between discount & regular promotion emails. Offering too many big discounts can is just as bad as not offering enough. Find your sweet spot and you will be on your way increasing your email revenue.

In Klaviyo you can schedule emails in your subscribers time zone. Note this only works if you are not split testing. Split testing is when you create an A/B test. You can A/B test the headline or body of the email. You will typically want to split test the headline especially if you are sending your emails in the US. This is only because in the US the time gap is only about a 3-4 hours across states. If your shipping internationally do not use the A/B test often. You need your emails to hit exactly in your subscribers time zone to get the highest open rates.

Ezra Firestone & Boom Cosmetics

Another great example for skincare email marketing ideas is from the company called boom cosmetics. Boom’s marketing is managed by Ezra Firestone creator of Smart Marketer, Zipify Pages, One click Upsell, & Blue Ribbon Mastermind. His email structure follows the same format as the winners from the email examples towards the beginning of the article. Strong call to actions with an incentive for the subscriber to buy now. This is how you increase your email revenue. By focusing on conversion and throwing out the fluff.

Boom by cindy joseph email example

Related Questions

Will discounts lower my brands value?

Absolutely not! I had a call with someone earlier who was worried about their bands value going down if they were to offer too many discounts. First of all not everyone sees every email & secondly if you do it right your discounts should actually expire so there is some real urgency. In today’s society if your not offering discounts you will have a hard time getting off the ground. The biggest brands you can think of use discounts. Unless your trying to be the next louis vuitton. In that case offer full price. 🙂

Are pop ups considered spam?

Nope, a popup is not a form of spam. This stigma came from a certain group of people who where adding javascript to pages which would block you from being able to leave the page. We don’t have anything like that on our pages. With these pop ups anyone can exit out of the page and it won’t stop them from doing so.

When should you display the popup?

Give your popup a delay. Showing it too early could actually hurt your conversions. However it’s better to have a popup of any kind than none at all. You can always optimize it later. Here is a hint, the average time a visitor spends on most web pages is typically around the 1 minute mark. If you can get their email before they leave the page forever your golden.

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