How Jessica Alba Built A Billion Dollar Ecommerce Business

Road To Stardom

So how exactly did the 38 year old actress and businesswoman and mom grow her net worth to 340 million wealth building an environment friendly household?

Let’s take you back to a little history on Jessica that’s well known for her roles in Hollywood movies such as the fantastic 4 and good luck chuck.

Did you know her big break was actually dark angel in 1998? She attended an audition along with thousands of others at the age of 11 however it was Jessica who received a year’s worth of acting classes, which he condensed into a summer so she wouldn’t miss school and just because own words, she said people doubted me as an actress, and that’s something that drove me.

I was not going to be pegged as an action comic book fan girl. Hollywood was not the only industry to underestimate. Jessica. When Jessica was pregnant, a baby shower was thrown for her and she had received a closet full of clothes for her newborns. After washing the baby’s clothes in a recommended baby safe detergent, her skin broke out in hives.

That night. She Googled every ingredient and discovered that some toxins can be labeled as a fragrance. She didn’t want to put anything unsafe near her baby with the fear of not knowing her baby was having a reaction, and so her mission was born. She wanted to. Safe and effective consumer products that were beautifully designed, excessively priced, and easy to get.

Product Development

In 2011 she appeared in front of Congress on Capitol Nielsen as members to close sponsor a safe chemicals act in the U S after finding out just how little work was being done for the cause, attempting to get her company off the ground. Her tech investor has been introduced her to tech startup pal, Brian Lee.

He initially passed on her idea and another Chuy investor deals fell through as well, but she’s an actress. Used to rejection. Of course she wasn’t going to give up. 18 months later, Mr. Lee has a son of his own, and whilst he and his wife couldn’t find safe products to use in the home, Jessica’s goal was to make safe family friendly household products and it finally resonated with him and their new mission was ready for take off in the company’s first year at lunch, only 17 products in the diapers and wipes category, all of which are delivered to described as homes on a monthly basis.

Incredible Growth

The company hit an astounding 10 million in sales last year. Change that number to 150 million and this year numbers are looking upwards of 250 million safety and peace of mind for moms. Owls. With over 135 products sold both online and in 4,400 retail stores. The honest company is flying high. The company is dubbed as get this a startup unicorn, a term used by the tech industry that applies to companies that reach a $1 billion valuation in less than five years.

The company this using the new era of social media and instead of using TV ads like the average baby company, I knew that this wasn’t where her new mothers audiences board. And took to Facebook. The company now employs 350 members of staff in a gigantic two offices. Jessica has appeared on the front affords with a headline, America’s richest self-made woman.

The only two women to make that list are Oprah and Madonna.

The honest company continues to develop extremely affordable eco centric products for the average family. With that said, ask Alba and she’ll tell you, she and honest are just getting started, which is what we like to hear. In her words, she said, “if we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it’s billions and billions of dollars, not just one.”


Who is Brian Lee?

Brian is co-founder and former president of, co-founder and former CEO of, & co-founder and previous CEO of The Honest Company.

Why has The Honest Company been so successful?

Jessica and The Honest Company used several strategies to reach more users, using a combination of promotions of Social media platforms, putting a big emphasis on Facebook. At the end of the day they came to the market with an all natural product that the market thirsted for and it worked.

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