How To Integrate Klaviyo With Clickfunnels (Step By Step)

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The most frustrating thing ever is not being able to integrate with your favorite software. We’ve been there and it straight up sucks. We got you though

One quick way to integrate klaviyo with clickfunnels is to have clickfunnels send subscriber data to zapier which relays that information back to Klaviyo via API. For the full instructions continue reading.

1. Why Clickfunnels Doesn’t Have Native Klaviyo Integration

Clickfunnels is in direct competition with literally every email software out there. So they are in no rush to provide support for up and coming email platforms like klaviyo. Also for every integration they include that’s extra resources taken away from their main projects. Luckily there is a solution

2. Wtf Is Zapier?

ah zapier, one of our favorite tools for connecting some of the best apps. Zapier is a software that integrates with a ton of apps including and not limited too shopify, facebook, clickfunnels, mailchimp, aweber, google analytics, google drive and on and on. Whenever you can’t find an integration Zapier is there to comfort you. There are also a few new integration tools that have popped up recently like Automate & Integromat. Zapier has to be the most user friendly option i’d say. Their team is also 100% virtual, no office. Something I thought was interesting.

3. Why You Should Enable Single Optin In Klaviyo First

Before you do anything you want to enable single optin if you haven’t already or else you might find your not getting as many leads as you hoped. What will eventually happen is you will start to see zaps firing but you won’t see any leads. This may send you down the rabbit hole in thinking something is broken with your integration. Learn more about how to use lists & segments here.

To enable single optin you must be a paying klaviyo customer. The cheapest plan is $20/mo. If your a real brand just go ahead and get it. There is no use to staying with their free plan. It caps you out at 100 subscribers anyway. After your a paying customer send an email to Klaviyo support saying you want to enable single optin. They will grant you access after a few days.

Klaviyo $20 a month pricing

Now that single optin is enable on your account you have to go to your list and click Settings. Then make sure “Require subscribers to confirm their subscription before being added to your list.” is unchecked. Now you can integrate with zapier knowing you won’t run into any frustrating issues such as “disappearing” leads. When in reality most people don’t confirm their subscription on double optin.

Klaviyo subscriber preferences
Klaviyo opt-in & unsubscribe settings

4. Integrating Clickfunnels With Klaviyo

If you don’t need hand holding here are the steps simplified without pictures

  1. Create zapier account
  2. Create a clickfunnels x klaviyo zap
  3. Sign in & authorize to both Clickfunnels & Klaviyo
  4. Select which funnel you want to connect to
  5. Select which list you want to send leads too
  6. Create an API in klaviyo if you haven’t already
  7. Test that subscriber data has been sent
  8. Create zap (rename it & make sure its active)

If you love images like me here are the steps by way of screenshot

Zapier app selector
Chose Clickfunnels & Klaviyo
Select new contact activity for Clickfunnels in the When this happens… field
Select add subscriber in the “then do this!” field
Click use zap
Zapier new contact activity sign in
Sign in to your clickfunnels account
Zapier authorize account popup
Authorize zapier
Clickfunnels new contact activity
Clickfunnels funnel & funnel step selector
Select which funnel or funnel step you want to use. Warning: If you select all funnel steps it will send your subscriber data from all of your funnels. Choose wisely. You will soon learn how zapier can be very costly.
Clickfunnels test & continue step
You can test & continue or SKIP TEST. For this example I skipped since I already know it works
Klaviyo add subscriber step
Klaviyo API Keys
Zapier will ask you for the public & private key now. Go to Klaviyo and click on your account name then click API Keys
Klaviyo create API key button
Click on create API Key
Klaviyo API Key Label
I also like to name my API key so I don’t get confused as to which app is connected to an API
You will also need the public API Key. Grab both the public & private API Keys
Zapier API key page
Place both of the keys on this page in Zapier
Zapier customize subscriber details
Now you will be able to select which newsletter you want subscribers to be sent to
Klaviyo test & continue step
Zapier will ask you to do one final test
Zapier complete screen
Turn that sucker on!
Zapier zap dashboard view
This is what it should look like when active. However the name is too generic, let’s change it.
Zapier rename screen
Click on the zap and in the top right you will be able to rename it
Zapier dashboard with renamed zap screen
Much better!

5. The Bad News

One of the downsides to using Zapier is that everytime someone subscribes to your list through your zapier automation it uses up what’s called a task. You only get 100 free tasks per month before your billed. Below is an example of how costly it could get if your planning to build a huge subscriber list or launch a crazy contest through Zapier.

Number Of Tasks Cost
1,000 $25
3,000 $50
10,000 $156
50,000 $312
100,000 $750

Also remember your paying for clickfunnels, klaviyo, & zapier. With that said I’d only use zapier with clickfunnels if you absolutely had no other choice and if you had a really thought out plan.

We ran a quiz funnel using Lead Quizes + Klaviyo + Zapier and we ended up paying $164.90 in task fees.

Zapier billing charges

We generated about 5k+ leads or so with the quiz. Also note that we overpaid on a few instances simply because we had some of the same leads going to multiple lists. (our fault). To be fair our setup was rather complicated because we noticed lead quizzes didn’t have the functionality we wanted. One being the ability to send quiz takers to different lists based on their result. With that said Zapier doesn’t care if you have duplicate leads, you will still get charged. So pay attention. Task expenses could have easily been cut in half. But again this was more or less a test that we didn’t take too seriously. We made our money back from these subscribers over time from sending campaigns every week.

Klaviyo quiz subscribers

One thing you can do to make sure you didn’t make a mistake is check your task history when you start driving traffic. You will quickly see if the app is doing what you wanted it to do. As you can see below acne skin was from our quiz. Success means the task successfully fired. If you a paused status this means you have probably went over your quota and need to upgrade. Once you upgrade select all then click play and it will send the data to Klaviyo. If you do not upgrade it will stay paused.

Zapier task history tab

5. Alternatives Solutions To Zapier

  1. If you have the resources you could have a developer integrate Klaviyo directly in clickfunnels. All you would need is a way to pass on the subscriber data. Which will definitely cost you more than even Zapiers highest price. So they got you on the economies of scale, however if you have multiple brands bringing in tens of thousands of leads per month it may be worth it to just have someone develop a one off solution.
  2. You can investigate other software like integromat, Automate, Microsoft flow, Workato, & IFTTT. These tools may or may not be compatible with clickfunnels/klaviyo. Software is changing rapidly so keep that in mind. By the time you read this we might have flying cars. Depending on how fast this post ranks.
  3. You can also download contact data from clickfunnels and reupload it to Klaviyo if your on a budget. It’s a catch 22 I guess. If your getting tons of leads you probably could afford to use zapier or even higher a developer.

Related Questions

Can you use the same Klaviyo API for multiple apps?

I would highly discourage it. You want to create new API’s for every platform your planning to integrate. This is for organizational purposes. There is no limit to how many API’s you can create in Klaviyo as far as we know.

How do I track leads in facebook if i’m using zapier?

Tracking leads is the same even if you weren’t using Zapier. Make sure to put a lead pixel on the page that comes after they sign up. This gets a little tricky when your redirecting someone to anything other than a thank you page. To solve this you create a blank page with the lead pixel that redirects after 0.2 seconds or so. This way facebook will know who opted in. Also make sure you set the redirect page to redirect the visitor if that’s what your looking to achieve. You can do that by going to Settings -> General -> on submit URL

How do I cancel zapier?

If zapir is not for you simply go to settings -> Billing -> Change Plan then downgrade to the free version. Also before you cancel zapier or klaviyo all together read our klaviyo review to learn why we still rate it the best ecommerce friendly email solution. I’d also contact clickfunnels support to see if they are planning to make a legit integration anytime soon.

Learn how to embed klaviyo forms with your store here

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