How To Easily Integrate Klaviyo With Shopify (Full Guide)

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You may have noticed there is not a klaviyo app in the shopify store. So how do you integrate Klaviyo with shopify? It’s simple

To integrate klaviyo with shopify make an account at and follow the on screen steps. Place your shopify link inside the requested area and you will have linked your store. To get more out of your integration keep reading.

(Steps in screenshots)

Klaviyo sign up form
Sign up here

Select ecommerce & shopify & Add in your URL without the .myshopify part. If you don’t know what to put here go to your shopify store admin and see what the URL says.

Klaviyo ecommerce integration step
Shopify store connection step

But wait…there’s more!

There is more to klaviyo than linking it to shopify. In this article we will go over how you can get the best out of both platforms.

1. Klaviyo integration settings

There are some extra settings you can toy around with inside of Klaviyo. For instance by default klaviyo does not sync everything from your store. You have to tell it what information to bring over from shopify. Go to integrations -> enabled integrations then click shopify/

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Klaviyo integrations

Here is where you will see your shop URL, subscriber , and javascript settings. If you have a specific list you want to send people who accept marketing change it here. If its unchecked you may be missing out on easy leads. Onsite javascript will be important if you want to have klaviyo pop ups. However we recommend using optinmonster as your popup solution. It’s always a good idea to use solutions that specialize in one thing.

Klaviyo integration settings

2. Integrating klaviyo popups with shopify

As a Klaviyo customer you have the ability to create popups. Most email agencies use these since they are so easy to set up. However there are some major downsides. Let’s first see how to set one up.

First click on signup forms on the left then click create signup form.

Klaviyo sign up forms

Once your inside the signup form page click on popup so you can sort through klaviyo popup library

Klaviyo create sign up form (popup)

I chose don’t miss out for this example however most of the popups are the same just with different designs. Also this is for demonstration purposes only. We use optinmonster for our popups.

Don't miss out popup form template

Select which list you want your leads to go to

Popup form subscriber list selector

You can mess around with their design editor, however in this article im going to go straight to the behavior tab. This is where you can control when the popup displays.

Display timing: You can show the popup immediately or give it a specific second to show

Display frequency: You can choose whether to show the popup to the same people or limit it to only people who have viewed it within an X amount of time. It’s best practice not to show the same popup to someone who has subscribed

Devices: Here you can specify which device you would like the popup to be shown on. By default dektop and mobile is selected.

Targeting By visitor: Targeting is where you choose what actions trigger the popup. The by visitor option is actually pretty powerful as you can create very personalized popups based on a segment. A segment is a portion of your list that meet certain criteria. For example you could have a segment of your email list of people who use Or you could have a segment of people who have opened your email more than once.

Targeting By URL: The most common way to target is by URL. What you will typically see is a specific type of popup being served on specific products & a sitewide popup displayed on all other pages. There is also a big difference from containing & exactly matching. Contains will show your popup when any URL contains your keyword. Exact match will only display the popup if the keyword is exactly what you enter.

Popup URL targeting options

Targeting By Location: Targeting by location does exactly how it sounds. If you have an intentional store you can give unique discounts based on where people are located.

Popup location targeting options

By default your popup will display automatically as shown below if you do not change any of the behavior settings.

Successful popup on shopify store

As you can see, no other platform integrates as good as this one. Read our klaviyo vs mailchimp post here for sh*ts & giggles.

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Which signup form is the best to use?

If I had to choose a klaviyo sign up form i’d go with “Don’t miss out” takes the cake. All that’s needed is for the user to drag an image under the text area and the popup is ready to go. For the image I would choose an image of your best selling product depending on if you plan to have the popup show up on a product page. For sitewide use a generic image that is congruent with your brand.

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What’s the difference between embed form and popup?

Embed forms display in the content itself while popups display over the page. Embed forms are great if your writing a blog like this one and you wanted someone to signup to get more content. Popups are great for getting people to join your list who would otherwise left the site without taking any action at all.

Is there a Klaviyo training available?

Yes, if you would like to learn how to master klaviyo and get an insane ROI on your email backend register for our class here. This training was created for those who love to tinker and want more of a hands on approach when it comes to email marketing. If your ceo of a big company I’d say you would be more suited for a done for you solution provided by our agency.

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