10 Things To Outsource To Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant

Do you find yourself spending countless hours doing routine tasks that are essential for your business operation? Would you rather devote this time to growing and expanding your business empire? If the answer is yes, then using a virtual assistant could help you shave hours off your workweek by delegating tasks. 

Tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants include customer service, content creation, data entry & formatting, online research, scheduling, finding opportunities, industry knowledge prep, managing email, outreach, and bookkeeping. 

1. Customer Service 

Customer service is one of the most important roles that could affect your reputation and halt your business growth. If you are looking to grow and expand your business empire, then customer servicing should be one of the first things to outsource as an entrepreneur. 

Dealing with customers can be traumatising and even cause you to lose your drive due to things like bad reviews. Hence hiring a virtual assistant to handle this task can allow you to focus on improving your goods and services rather than focusing on the bad experience a customer may have faced. 

2. Content Creation 

Having a virtual assistant with good writing skills is essential for your online presence. Search engines like google or bing use the content posted on your website to determine whether your website appears on search results or not. To rank higher and get seen by customers, you need a virtual assistant with extensive writing skills and SEO knowledge. 

A good writer can also help your proofread various materials and publications before you release them to the public. You can hire a writer as a full-time or part-time employee based on your needs. There are also many websites that offer writing and proofreading services as needed. 

3. Data Entry & Formatting 

Whether you run a local store or looking to open your own online store, data entry is vital for any business. Although tiresome, data entry tasks are important for day to day operation of your business and hence, it’s crucial to have a qualified individual working the books. There are many skilled and experienced virtual assistants that can help you organise 

your company’s data, making it easier for you to make better decisions for the growth of your business. 

4. Online Research 

One of the most straightforward tasks to outsource to virtual assistants is online research. This can include anything from looking for various information from corporate websites, researching competitors, to doing background research on people or companies. Instead of using your valuable time to do this, why not prepare a set of precise instructions for your virtual assistant to follow? Have him, or her do the research so you can focus on other business leads, which saves you both time and money while giving you more hours to work on more pressing matters. 

With most of the manufacturing jobs shipped to Asian countries like China, mosts goods (from clothing to vehicles) are manufactured outside the US or other western countries. This means that to establish a profitable brand in the US for example, you need to have excellent communication with suppliers in China. A virtual assistant can help you build lasting relationships with suppliers, hence source the best products at relatively low prices. This will only ultimately increase your profit margin. 

You may need to provide login information for any tools or software that your Virtual assistants need to accomplish the job. 

5. Scheduling 

A missed meeting could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That is why many more business owners are choosing to hire virtual assistants to handle calendar management tasks, including appointment scheduling and meeting invitations. It can be much more affordable and efficient to do this for your business than to hire a local employee. This role is essential for a medical clinic, dental clinic, restaurant, hotel or even a motel. 

If you travel a lot for work or play, then you may also need to hire a virtual assistant to help you ensure that all your booking and travel plans are put in order. This can include finding hotels, booking vehicles, booking airfares and drafting trip itineraries. You can also have them research and gather online reviews form previous tourists or guests who visited your destination before and learn what to avoid, whether or not it’s a safe place for you or your family. 

6. Finding Opportunities 

Having a great, talented virtual assistant can bring a lot of benefits to your business. As you focus on maintaining the current performance of your business, you may not have enough time to find growth opportunities in your area or expansion opportunities to other parts of the country or the globe. This is why hiring a virtual assistant can save you a lot of time finding opportunities for your business, researching competitors or finding better models for your business. 

7. Industry Knowledge Prep 

According to entrepreneur.com, most executives choose to hire virtual assistants to help them stay updated with news and legislations surrounding their industries. This is important because every business needs to adapt to community changes and legislations to ensure longterm sustainability. 

8. Managing Email 

The increase of spam emails makes it harder to find authentic customers via emails since it takes time to sort through thousands of daily emails and deciding whether it’s from a legitimate customer or spammer. Hiring a virtual assistant can save you a lot of time since he or she can sort through your email and let you know whether you have any potential leads to followup. 

You can also create reply templates which he/she can modify as needed and reply to potential clients. There are many free email templates online that you can use to keep your current client base satisfied and increase sales of your goods or services. 

9. Outreach 

This is an excellent example of tasks where hiring a full-time virtual assistant is essential. When you have many potential leads that need to be followed up on, having a virtual assistant can really help you do more. A good strategy is splitting the load and training him or her to handle the leads that are less important to you while you handle leads that you consider of high priority. 

10. Bookkeeping 

With great bookkeeping apps like Zoho on the market. Entrepreneurs can now monitor their businesses with ease. Keeping tabs on bills or unpaid invoices is probably one of the 

most straightforward tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant. Many qualified bookkeepers are looking for both full-time and part-time positions. It might be a good idea to start with a part-time bookkeeper and later move on to a full-time virtual bookkeeper as your business grows. 


1. What are the types of virtual assistants? 

There are mainly eight types of virtual assistants; 

• Social Media Virtual Assistant 

• eCommerce Virtual Assistant 

• Data Entry Virtual Assistant 

• Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant 

• Virtual Marketing Assistants 

• Real Estate Virtual Assistant 

• Virtual Research Assistant and 

• Virtual Administrative Assistant 

2. Where Can You Hire Virtual Assistants? 

Countries like the Philippines are leading in the number of people working as virtual assistants. This is because most people from these countries are university educated and have relatively excellent oral and written English skills. Another primary reason is the cost of hiring workers. Most workers from the Philippines or other third world countries charge less compared to their western counterparts. 

3. What Things Should I Consider When Hiring A Virtual Assistant? 

There are three major factors you should consider when hiring a virtual assistant. These are: 

• Cost: Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines or other third-world countries will save you a lot of money which you can then use to hire even more workers or grow your business capital. It is essential also to consider other factors to avoid hiring the wrong employees. 

• Reliability: Most services or websites that allow you to hire virtual assistants from countries like the Philippines will have reviews, background checks and other details about the applicant available upon request. You should always do your homework before hiring an applicant. 

• Work Ethic: Knowing one’s work ethic can be tricky. In case there are no reviews on the past performance of the applicant, you can set a paid probation period (like 3 months) which you can use to test the performance of the applicant. 

4. Which Is Best: Full-Time Employees Or Part-Time Workers? 

This depends on several factors, including what tasks you are willing to outsource, the size of your business and your budget. Part-time workers may be useful for tasks like video editing and graphics while you may need to hire a full-time employee for other administrative tasks. 

Conclusion There are many benefits of using virtual assistants for your business. Working from a remote office or their home, virtual assistants can carry out most tasks an Executive Assistant or Secretary does. The best way to acquire virtual assistants is through legitimate sourcing websites such as Upwork.com. Be sure to do your homework and read online reviews about the experience of other employers when sourcing from the website or platform you’d like to use. 

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