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Having an online store does seem like a lot of work, right? If you are like many e-commerce business owners, then you probably struggle with writing product descriptions. The process can be so time-consuming and quite pricey if you decide to outsource it, especially if you have a lot of products in your store. And yet, a great product description can make or break your online store. By properly describing the features, benefits, and common uses of a product to a customer, they become persuade to purchase what you’re selling and strengthen their confidence in your business. 

That’s what makes the idea of online product description generators so appealing. These tools use Natural language generation (NLG) technology, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to produce language as an output based on the data input provided. They save time and reduce effort while still adhering to best practices. 

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most popular product description generator tools and how you can utilize them to boost your e-commerce business.

Who should use a product description generator?

This type of tool is usually available to anyone who needs it. Perhaps you’re a business owner with hundreds of products in your online inventory and are currently at a loss as to how to provide good product descriptions for them all. Maybe you don’t even have that many products, but simply don’t have the time to write the product descriptions yourself because you’re currently handling the day to day operations of your business. A product description generator sure does come in handy in these situations. 

Another important user of this tool is a content writing agency whose job is to help their e-commerce client with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing. It can help them simplify their writing tasks and deliver faster. 

How long should a description be?

At this juncture, it is important to note that even though using a product description generator gets the job done faster, there is still a right and wrong way to display your product descriptions. The key here is to understand how much information will convert a visitor into a buyer. If it’s too short, then it might not be enough to convert the reader; if it’s too long, the reader could get bored halfway thru and abandon the sale. 

A good example of a product description that was too long is the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System which comes with over 1000 words. Sure a longer product description may be appropriate for this particular product, but you’ll notice that the description is full of repetitions about how it produces a brighter, more even skin tone. The average buyer reading every word would be more annoyed than educated.
The general recommendation for descriptions is to go for 150 – 200 words for simple products like clothing and tools, and 350-400 words for complex products like electronics and large appliances. A good example of a great product description is this Flip’It Pan – Nonstick Pancake & Egg Maker, which combines text, bullet points, and even a video showing how to use the product.

1. ItemScribe

itemscribe homepage

$30/a month or $10/a week for unlimited product descriptions. This online tool lets you generate product descriptions in three easy steps — select the product category, choose the details of the product, and Copy and Paste the description to your store! You can use it for just about any e-commerce store since you can copy and paste. At first glance, it seems pretty easy to use, and it really is, but you need to have a good grasp on English to be able to know when to swap out certain words or add new ones to make the description unique. Also. product descriptions from ItemScribe do not target any specific keywords so you’ll need to have a keen eye for details if you want to optimize your descriptions for SEO. 

2. AdZis

AdZis homepage

Pricing dependent on number of products ($75 for 100 products, $1205 for 2000 products), plus additional pricing for Tier 3 Descriptions. AdZis is an integrative product description generator that can create descriptions for your products in one click. There are three tiers available; Tier 1 delivers the descriptions as it is from their AI engine; Tier 2 involves getting your Tier 1 descriptions proofread and polished by human readers; Tier 3 takes your product descriptions up a notch as experienced ad copywriters and research analysts enhance it for uniqueness and SEO. The price range for Tier 3 ranges between $3 and $8 per description. To get started, you can simply email them the catalog of your products or integrate their API tool with your store and use the AI engine directly.

3. Hotshp


Pricing dependent on word count per description ($3 – 30-35 words per product, $5 – 50-70 words per product, $12 – 150-175 words per product) .This product descriptions generator is unique in that the writing is actually done by human writers, not an AI algorithm. However, the platform lets you sync your store catalog and product data, and then filter them so you can easily select the products that need descriptions. The writers look at the title, images, and tags of each product, which they use to handwrite each description. Once done, you can automatically sync the descriptions to your store or manually review each one before deciding to upload. The obvious advantage here is that since the writing is done by human writers, there is a reduced chance of syntax and grammatical errors and the uniqueness and SEO aspect are handled. The biggest drawback is the pricing.

4. Descra


Pricing Information Not Available. Descra is a tool designed to assist you in creating hundreds of distinctive descriptions in the time normally required to write just a few. The process is quite straightforward – upload your content variables for each product to the database and use the tool to create unique texts. Edit for synonyms and change the formatting as needed to suit your preferences. You will then see a quality score for each text, which you can edit further to increase the score. Once you are satisfied with the quality, then download the text and paste it to your product description box. This tool supports different e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others.

5. ginnie

Ginnie homepage

Monthly pricing and dependent on chosen plan ($3 per description; $50 for 25 descriptions; $75 for 50 descriptions; $100 for 80 descriptions). Formerly known as Kopigin, ginnie is an automatic product description generator powered by NLG to produce to create fully customize product descriptions for your online store. It is available on the Shopify App Store so you can easily download it from there and integrate with your store. Plus, it is capable of handling thousands of SKUs for stores that have multiple product categories. To use ginnie, start by selecting your item from the product hierarchy and choose the specific attributes, such as style, design, and material of your product. Once the product parameters are in place, click “Generate” to reveal your completed product description.

6. MashnLearn


Pricing is dependent on monthly package ranging from €1.5 to €3.5 per product. MashnLearn is a full-service descriptions generator. The AI technology responsible for this tool operates in three steps — Analyzing your product feed to identify the main categories that need to be worked on. Building a pop-up copy of your eCommerce store to measure the effect of the new content. And finally, merging your products with the right descriptions. The content can also be optimized for SEO by working on key elements of the product page, like the page structure, minimum used content, unique product content, etc. For the writing itself, the AI collates relevant data any available source, including the actual manufacturer’s site to other online marketplaces like Amazon or Aliexpress where the product is mentioned. A Data Accuracy score is assigned to each data source to establish its quality and usability.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr homepage

Pricing dependent on skill of Fiver Seller and quality of output ($5 to $300) .Technically not a description generator, but still a worthy inclusion on this list due to its popularity in the online marketplace sphere. Fiverr connects you with sellers who can handle the product descriptions writing for your e-commerce store. Like the name suggests, the actual pricing starts from $5 so you may be able to get a seller to write descriptions for a fair price, especially if you do it in bulk. You can check their respective portfolios to get an idea of their writing proficiencies and then place your order if you are satisfied with the one you chose.

Boosting Your eCommerce Business with Product Description Generator Tools

Product descriptions are the key to higher rankings on Google and conversions from prospects to actual buyers. In fact, as far as SEO is concerned, writing unique and compelling product descriptions is already half the battle. The premise is pretty straightforward — the more unique and optimized product descriptions you have, the better their chances of ranking higher when people search online for that particular product. 

Of course, the uniqueness of each description must be absolute as Google’s algorithm detects duplicate content and lowers the rank of defaulting sites. Now for the average e-commerce business owner, taking the time to manually write well thought out product descriptions is simply out of their wheelhouse. It could be that the writing takes up too much time or that they’re simply not skilled enough to write persuasive content. 

In any case, product description generator tools have been an industry game changer, allowing you to get this crucial aspect of your business done in half the time it would take to manually write a single product description. By focusing on improving your product descriptions with these tools, you can further position your business for more profitability. Over time as Google and other search engines start to reward your effort, you’ll notice that your rankings are getting better and sales may significantly improve. 


Why do I need unique descriptions?

Unique product descriptions enhance the customer experience by providing them with the necessary information to convert them to buyers and making your site look professional. The best product descriptions build trust with users and make your business look legit. Imagine if a potential customer is browsing your site and is seeing exactly the same product descriptions that he has seen on a dozen other sites… what will convince him to buy from you? There’s also the issue of SEO as Google and other search engines penalize sites with duplicate content. If you want to thrive in e-commerce, then unique product descriptions are a must-have.

Which software uses the best AI for descriptions?

Each product description generator tool comes with its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks, so deciding on the best one will depend on your type of online store, product catalog, and description style preferences. That being said, AdZis, Hotshp, and ginnie are our favorite picks.

Do these softwares help with aliexpress descriptions?

Absolutely! It’s never a good idea to use the default Aliexpress product descriptions because they are usually dull and are often without any persuasive factor. Same goes for Oberlo; when using it to import products to your Shopify store, make sure to replace the product descriptions with something unique and compelling. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend time and effort doing the writing yourself since you can simply use any of the tools listed above to your advantage.

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