Shopify Review 2020 – Is It Still The Best Ecommerce Platform?

Phone Inside Shopping Cart With Shopify Logo

Is shopify still the best ecommerce platform out there? Read this in depth review from a marketing agency that has generating 7 figures in online ecommerce sales to find out. Use the table of contents for quick access to topics you want to know about. For example if you wanted to know more about dropshipping click 8 Fulfillment.

In short, we give shopify a 4.5 out of 5 simply because it has all of the features anyone with a ecommerce brand would need without having to hire a developer. The ease of use makes it the platform of choice for dropshippers.

If your looking for an honest shopify review this is the perfect article for you. This isn’t the typical platform review trying to get you to buy through my link. In this blog I go over which areas shopify shines in and also its shortcomings


What is shopify?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows anyone to sell physical products online. If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay or Amazon then you will have a better idea of what it’s like to run a shopify store. The main difference is that your responsible for getting your own traffic & taking care of the customer. Shopify gives you the freedom to run your business how you see fit.

Shopify home page

It was developed by Tobias Lutke , Scott Lake, & Daniel Weinand in Year date with the vision to give more control to ecommerce sellers. It’s popularity among online ecommerce entrepreneurs helped it grow extremely fast allowing the company to go public in 2015. Shopify success can also be attributed to influencers & affiliates such as Kevin David, Anthony Morrison, Chris Record, Tai Lopez, & Gretta Rose.

Individuals like Andrew left founder of citron research argue that affiliates are attracting the wrong type of entrepreneur to the platform. Which makes no sense. My theory is that he was just manipulating stock prices, but I digress.

12 Huge Websites That Run On Shopify

Many celebrity influencers & entrepreneurs like Kylie Jenner use shopify for their websites. I’d say shopify has done a good job at branding itself over the years. They are attracting so much attention that the newer generation is choosing to use them as their ecommerce platform of choice. You won’t see any large department stores using shopify because they most likely have their own complex solutions in place that handle things like mass Warehouse & SKU Management. Below are brands that are crushing it either with shopify or shopify plus. Shopify website revenue estimates provided by Owler.

Kylie Cosmetics
Industry: Beauty
Founder: Kylie J
Estimated revenue: 360M~

Kylie cosmetics Home Page

Skinny Me Tea
Industry: Weight loss
Founder: Gretta R
Estimated revenue: 37M~

Skinnymetea  Home Page

Industry: Watches
Founder: Gretta R
Estimated revenue: 1M~

The5th Cosmetics Home Page

Boom Cosmetics
Industry: Beauty
Founder: Ezra F
Estimated revenue: 10M~

Boom Cosmetics Home Page

MVMT Watches
Industry: Watches
Founder: Jake K
Estimated revenue: 90M~

MVMT Home Page

Industry: Beauty
Founder: Laura N
Estimated revenue: 22M~

Colourpop Homepage

Industry: Phone Acc
Founder: David B
Estimated revenue: 150M~

Popsockets homepage

Bulletproof Coffee
Industry: Coffee
Founder: Dave A
Estimated revenue: 150M~

Bulletproof homepage

The Economist
Industry: News
Founder: James W
Estimated revenue: 361M~

Industry: Fashion
Founder: Richard S
Estimated revenue: 400M~

Industry: Hair
Founder: Alex I
Estimated revenue: 1.3M~

Industry: Grooming
Founder: Eric B
Estimated revenue: 1M~

Plans & Pricing

This pricing table includes features that are exclusive only. By default every plan comes with the essential features you need to run your business. As you move up in pricing your paying for quality of life improvements rather than cornerstone features. The app store is where you would find tools that would give your store a boost.

Features Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Plus
Staff Accounts 2 5 15
Gift cards Yes Yes
Professional reports Yes Yes
Advanced report builder Yes
Shipping discount 62% 72% 74%
USPS priority mail cubic Yes Yes
Credit card rates 2.9% + 30¢ 2.6% + 30¢ 2.4% + 30¢ 2.15% +30¢
In-person credit card rates 2.7% + 0¢ 2.5% + 0¢ 2.4% + 0¢
Other payment provider addition fees 2.0% 1.0% 1.0%
Pricing $29/mo $79/mo $299/mo $2,000/mo

Who is the basic shopify plan for?

The basic plan is for those who are testing the waters for the first time. $29 is not a very big commitment and allows sellers to get familiar with the platform so they can launch & start running some traffic to their store. I personally know people who have made 6 figures from their store that never upgraded beyond the $29 plan. Just know you can only create 2 staff accounts. Depending on your operations that could be all you will need for a while.

Who is the shopify plan for?

The shopify plan is for those who live by their analytics. I don’t know about you but without reporting & analytics I can’t function. This plan is for the data nerd who wants to know the ins & outs of their business. I mainly use it to see which variants brought in the most sales. If your using the basic plan you won’t be able to get that kind of data unless your good with google analytics.

Who is the advanced shopify plan for?

The advanced plan is mainly for people who have multiple team members working on the store. Once you go over 5 staff accounts you will have to upgrade to add more individuals to your store. That’s literally the only reason you would need to upgrade. The discount in fees isn’t really that measurable.

Shopify advanced plan with 15 staff accounts

Who is the shopify plus plan for?

I don’t know anyone personally who has a shopify plus account however its perfect for bigger brands who are looking for more support. They do have a migration service for those who have tens of thousands of skus which could come in handy. You also get to create your own checkout design. Below are agencies that can help you with your shopify plus account.

US brands
If your based in the united states praella is a shopify plus agency that specializes in helping us brands

International brands
If your international we make websites is a shopify plus agency that specializes in helping international brands

At 20Xmedia we also offer ecommerce marketing solutions to help you crush your email marketing, retargeting campaigns, and google rankings. Simply send us a message and so we can schedule a strategy call.


Account setup

Setting up an account is really easy. Shopify doesn’t ask you for too much information.

Shopify free trial screen
SHopify free trial screen with email field
Shopify free trial screen with email, password, & store name field

Password Recovery

Recovering your password is as easy as clicking on the forgot store/password button. I’ve found the recovery process to be rather simple since they don’t have recovery links that expire. You can also link all your shopify accounts together if you have multiple stores. In addition you can also download the app called lastpass to save all your shopify passwords. Just be sure to name your password accounts.

Shopify Forgot store step
Lastpass homepage

Payment Gateways

To add a payment gateway go to settings -> payment providers. The two main payment gateways are shopify payments & PayPal. If your an international seller your payment options may be different.

Shopify settings options

Shopify Payments

Shopify payments

Note: Your shopify payments account will most likely get disabled if you plan on dropshipping. They can tell if your using a dropshipping app like oberlo, printful, etc even if the shipping times are relatively fast. Since they are a public company they have to maintain a good payment processor reputation. Since dropshipping stores have a high chargeback rate they are very strict on new sellers. Avoid installing dropshipping apps if you want to maintain your shopify payments account.

Shopify payments disabled notification

Paypal Express Checkout

Paypal express checkout

Also if you select paypal as an option it will automatically assume your sign up email address is your Paypal email address. Click deactivate paypal express checkout and reactivate it. It will then ask you to authorize your paypal account with shopify. You won’t run into any issues with PayPal in the early stages of selling. However if you plan to do very high volume on a new PayPal account they will most likely put you on 90-120 day rolling reserves. This can totally mess up your hustle if you have high expenses. I know of someone who had to shut down their business because so much money was held in paypal. Just a fair warning.


There is a big list of payment options that you can choose from, however the process is a bit of a headache. You will need real business information such as business address, Tax ID, DBA/LLC name, etc.

Adding Products

Adding products is as simple as clicking products -> create products. It’s extremely user friendly and the layout visually lets you know what you should be doing. For instance there are 3 headings. Title, Images, & pricing. Which is all you really need getting started. There is also a code tab where you can add custom HTML & CSS to your product page.

However there a few some wonky things that happen with formatting that can get a bit frustrating. For instance You may find text doesn’t bold right or certain elements are misaligned.

Shopify add product page

You can also click on edit variants to modify the products properties further. Sometimes you make changes that cannot be modified directly on the product page. For example changing a product from keep track of inventory to don’t keep track of inventory has to be done on the variant page most of the times. You will find your product to be out of stock if you do not change this setting. Common mistake for new sellers.

Track inventory section in add product tab
Unchecked Track inventory section in add product tab

Setting up legal pages

Ever had to scour the internet for a privacy policy template? You don’t have to do that with shopify. Adding legal pages to your store is as simple as going to settings -> legal. They give you a terms of service template, privacy policy template, & refund policy template. When the template is generated it will pull information that you gave shopify when you created your account. So be sure that this is the correct info that you don’t mind displaying on these pages.

Shopify terms of service template

You also have to create a page for the policy and add it to your navigation menu either on the header or footer of the store. Its best practice to put it in the footer. To create a menu go to online store -> navigation -> add menu. From there you create a title and begin adding menu items.


Its best to use a two step authentication. Single passwords just aren’t enough moving forward with how advanced technology is moving. You can setup phone verification for an extra layer of security. We haven’t had any issues with shopify security. You may get emails from scammers asking you to reset your shopify password however. Just becaustious.

as far as fraudulent payments shopify has default settings that will not let those kind of payments go through. This is usually more of a problem when your shipping to countries other than United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, & New Zealand. There are also apps you can use like Signifyd that will add an extra layer of protection against fraudulent orders. However this has never been a real issue. I think people over think this part of the process. Fraudulent orders probably doesn’t even make up of 1% of your online sales.



Shopify has one of the best chat support there is inthe software space. Granted during the weekdays you may be in the queue for longer depending on if its peak time. On the weekends I usually get matched with a rep in less than 30 seconds. The support is usually very helpful and can get your problem solved pretty quickly. The only thing they can’t do is get your payment processor unbanned. They will just forward your information to the risk department via email.

Shopify support options


Email Compatibility

By default shopify has its own abandoned cart email series that you can enable. However it’s not that great even for someone just messing around. There is virtually no customization & you have to manually edit code if you want to include something extra in your email. There are also apps like privy & mailmunch that allow you to collect leads & send automations. Which is one step above the default shopify settings. If you want to really dominate email your going to want to get Klaviyo.


Klaviyo is a email marketing platform that is known for its powerful automation & segmentation abilities. There is so much you can customize that you will have your hands full with the things you can tweak. To integrate klaviyo all you need to do is sign up for an account & link your shopify store to their platform. I’d say klaviyo is one of the best investments if your looking to run a seros store. There are a lot of people who skip email marketing simply because they don’t want to do it themselves. If this is you let’s hop on a strategy call.

Adwords Compatibility

If your planning to run google adwords campaigns your going to come across the problem of not being able to track your sales properly. Luckily there is an app that can help you do this called Google Ads Conversion Tracking. The setup is as easy as linking your adwords account and your all set.

The only downside is that if you using something like carthook it won’t be able to track upsell data properly. This has been something I’ve tried to crack myself for a while. you can use a tool called littledata that integrates your shopify account to google analytics. Very powerful. Now your sales will show up properly with no issues.

Littledata analytics homepage

If you want to see your adwords sales you will need google analytics. Go to Acquisitions-> Google ads

Facebook Compatibility

Facebook & shopify go hand and hand. Unlike adwords you will be able to track your sales without a hitch as long as you have the facebook pixel code added to your website. You can add your facebook pixel code by going to online store -> preferences -> Facebook pixel.

Shopify preferences facebook pixel

Facebook also allows you to add your own UTM’s in case you wanted to track more data specifically. For instance you can add this in the UTM spot in the ads section utm_source={{campaign}}&utm_medium={{adset}}&utm_keyword={{ad}}. This data will be shown in your shopify dashboard as well as google analytics.

There are also other ways to add your pixel code such as manually adding it to your theme liquid or using apps like pixel perfect if you want to add more than one pixel code. Lastly if you want more than 2 pixels on your site you can use google tag manager which is a much smarter way to add your tracking codes. It’s even said that having tag manager can increase your sites load speed since your page wouldn’t be pulling analytics data from multiple sources.

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify isn’t as SEO friendly as wordpress however there are some tools you can use to better your on page SEO. For instance installing an app to minimize your js & image size will be crucial to your ranking factor. Ranking collection paes will be your best bet for big organic sales. We ranked an urban clothing brand for their main keyword by simply optimizing their collection pages and having a smart internal linking structure. We linkined our home page to the collection page, then linked our product pages to the collection pages they belonged to. The more link juice that flows through your shopify store the better.


Shopify has pretty bad blogging capabilities. When you come from a background of lets say wordpress you will be a little disappointed at the lack of customization options you have. However you can use apps to make better functioning blog pages such as blog studio.

Blog studio app

Postcard Marketing

There is a company called postpilot who sends postcards on your behalf to help with abandoned order recovery. They charge about $1 per card and $0.89 if you subscribe to their monthly plan.

Post pilot app
Postpilot pricing



If your like me then you also obsess over how your store looks and which theme you should go with. Unfortunately you don’t have too many options with themes. There are a few good ones but chances are there will be features you want that aren’t included. For instance the free themes bellow have really bad banner choices. Either the banner takes up too much space or doesn’t stretch far enough. I’ve probably spent more time than I should have messing around with theme settings and code.

Top Free Shopify Themes: Supply, Brooklyn, Debut, Narrative

Brooklyn is my favorite out of the free themes list. It’s the fastest and has decent theme editing options. Most dropshipping stores use supply and it looks cheap so I’d avoid it.

Top Paid Shopify Themes: Turbo

Turbo paid shopify theme

The turbo theme is the theme of choice for dropshipping stores. It comes with X, Y, Z. With a price tag of $350 you have to be really serious about your business. It’s definitely not for people who are just playing around.

Turbo theme portland demo

Store & Page Builders

Luckily there are store & page builders that allow you to create literally any type of page you want . Apps like zipify pages, shogun, & GemPages allow you to design your own theme in a sense. Your able to choose where elements on your page are displayed.

It’s best if you have some sort of front end design background because in order for it too look really good you will have to know concepts such as padding, margins, css, & html. Why? Because there will be times when you need to change certain things about your page that even a page builder can’t solve. I use W3 schools to brush up on my front end skills whenever I’m needing help on html tags or css terminology. After a while you will see that you only need to know the basics. If this sounds too nerdy for you you may have to hire a coder.

Zipify Pages

Zipify pages app

Shogun Landing Page Builder

GemPages Page Builder & Funnel

Website Speed

So just how fast are shopify stores? Well considering if you have the default theme debut with no apps installed your page load time will be around 3-4 seconds. However that number will go up when you start installing multiple apps and adding more things to your website. By the time your store is ready to launch your (fully load) time will be around 5-6 seconds. There are ways to speed this up drastically.

Plug in Speed

Plug nin speed app

One way to speed up your site is to download apps that help increase efficiency such as plugin speed. Plugin speed helps in minimizing your javascript & html by removing excess lines of code. This is a newer app that came on the market after people were using tools such as GTMetrix to run website speed tests. They were finding out that they had code that was not minimized, so a developer solved this issue and made a solution that’s now available on the shopify platform.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Amp stands for accelerated mobile pages. This is something google has been working on for the past few years to speed up the internet. I’d stay it’s a still a experimental piece of coding language that has quite a few drawbacks. For instance if you use amp you won’t be able to use pretty much any app that requires javascript. So those fancy features you joined shopify for would be useless. You have to figure out if a page that loads instantly would be worth worth it. For me it’s not worth it. Not yet at least. In the next 5 years it will be ready for prime time.

Funding Options

Growing your store with your own capital can be tough. Not only do you have to keep a roof over your head but you have to pay for traffic, COGS, virtual assistants, apps, etc. It’s nice to have cash reserves where you can invest and expand your brand. Luckily you have lots of opportunity for funding if your making consistent revenue. Lenders can see how much revenue you’re doing either through shopify itself, your bank statements, or your paypal balance. Let’s explore some funding options that have a high approval rate. Keep in mind if your looking to sell your business make sure all loans are paid off.

Shopify working capital

Shopify capital home page

You can now get a working capital loan for your online brand directly from Shopify. It’s hard to tell when exactly your qualified but it seems to be when you’ve have consistent revenue for at least 6 months. You can expect to get offered funding in the range of X of your date sales. They give you a certain time to pay off the loan. This is definitely a really good reason to choose shopify as your platform of choice.


  • 6 months of revenue history
  • Average monthly revenue $10,000
  • Business must be Incorporated


Clearbanc homepage

Clearbank is a growth capital investment company that has close ties to shopify. This means you have a really good chance of getting funding since they understand the dropshipping business model. They have a software that connects to your store to verify revenue. After revenue has been verified you will see how much money you qualify for.


  • 6 months of revenue history
  • Average monthly revenue $10,000
  • Business must be Incorporated


Kabbage home page

Kabbage is another funding option that looks at your revenue. In this case they look at your back statements. More specifically your deposits, withdrawals, & ledger balance. They do this by way of software that connects to your bank account. This way they will know right away if it’s worth it to lend you money.


  • 1+ years in business
  • Average monthly revenue $50,000 or $4,200+ a month

Kabbage offers working capital by linking directly to your bank. If they see you bring in volume requirements they will offer you a loan. They are very strict about payment. A Late payment can put your account in bad standing.

Paypal Working Capital

Paypal working capital home page

Paypal is another option for working capital. Since half your shopify sales go through Paypal you will have a very high chance of getting offered funding. I took out an 8k loan no problem a while ago and it was a very painless process. They asses how much revenue you’ve made e and give you an certain amount with X% to be paid from every sale.


  • 3 months with a paypal business premier account
  • Annual revenue $20,000+
  • Existing working capital loans paid off

For advanced funding options read this guest article I wrote called 7 ways to fund an ecommerce business


Fulfilling orders is a very simple process in shopify. If your shipping from your own location all you have to do is print a shipping label for the order by going to orders -> order # -> create shipping label. Once the order has been fulfilled click the mark as fulfilled item.

Shipping Prices

Every shopify seller gets a discount on shipping rates. Below is a chart at the savings each plan gets.

Shopify shipping discounts by plan


Aliexpress home page

Shopify is the platform of choice for dropshippers, mainly because its super easy to add products from sites like & start accepting orders. The amount of tools available for dropshippers is pretty crazy. Here are a few apps that are available to you if you wherever thinking about starting such a business


Oberlo is the go to app for dropshippers. It allows you to import products from aliexpress instantly to your store. There is also a seperate google chrome app that you have to install for the import to work properly. All that’s left for you to do is modify the title, description, & image if you so desire. You can start off on their free plan up until 500 products.

Screenshot of Oberlo homepage
Oberlo Pricing Table


Similar to oberlo, dropified also allows you to import products to your store. Before Oberlo took off Dropified was the prefered app of choice for advanced dropshippers. This was because Dropiefied had bundle capabilities allowing sellers to map multiple products in a bundle. I’ve personally seen great success with this feature in the past. However Oberlo has been rolling out with more and more features making dropified an ecommerce relic.

Dropified pricing table

Wholesale & Private Labeling

If your looking to wholesale or private label a product you will need a way to keep track of SKU’s. Apps like shipstation can help you manage your inventory.

Digital Products

You can sell digital products on your store with apps like SendOwl. However there currently aren’t any apps that allow you to store video if you planned to sell a course. For that I would recommend a platform that specializes in courses.

Sendowl digital download app

Order Tracking
Whatever your business model may be you will need a way for customers to track their order. Luckily there are apps that can do the this for you. Aftership is a great solution you can use so your customer won’t get upset for not being able to track their package.

Aftership app page



Bt default you will be able to see your stores sale on the right hand side of your home page. The information given on this page are total sales, total sales breakdown, total sales by channel, total products, payout schedule, & activity. The activity tab can come in handy in case you made a mistake in an app or theme & were not sure what you actually changed.

Simple shopify dashboard

If you go to Analytics -> Dashboard you will be able to see your stores stats in a more flushed out dashboard.

The information your given on this page are your total sales store conversion rate, online store sessions, average order value, recurring customer rate, total orders, top products by units, online store session by location, online store session by device type, online store session by traffic source, sales by traffic source, online sessions by social source, sales by social source, top landing page sessions & sales attributed to marketing.

Advanced shopify dashboard

Tracking & UTM’s

Shopify will show you where the conversion is inside of the order. It isn’t very good at this however you can still get essence of where the traffic came from. Another downside is that traffic coming from facebook is categorized as social & direct. Which can be confusing. Adding UTM’s can help you understand your data more in google analytics.

Sale not tracked In shopify

This particular sale was not tracked by shopify which poses a problem. You can’t optimiza what you don’t track.

Sale tracked In shopify

As you can see this sale was attributed to an email that was opened 12 days ago. This is definitely good information to know however I wouldn’t rely on individual conversion summaries especially if your doing high volume.

Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping is the process of visually tracking a visitors clicks & scrolls. This is very useful if you suspect there to be a problem with your site. Knowing what elements to optimize is critical to improving your stores conversion rate. If your just starting out I wouldn’t recommend ou use heat mapping simple because you don’t have enough data. However if your running a high volume store and want to improve sales id highly suggest taking a look at how users are interacting with your site.

Lucky orange is an app that allows you to do this easily. They have a 7-day trial then only $10/mo

Lucky orange heat map software
Lucky orange pricing table

Affiliate Program

Shopify has a great affiliate program. You don’t need to be manually approved to begin promoting either. Low barrier to entry with great benefits for both partners & affiliate. Shopify partners build stores for people and get a commission where an affiliate simple refers people to signup.

Shopify affiliate home page
Shopify affiliate signup page

Affiliate Pay Structure

Shopify affiliate pay structure
Shopify partners pay structure

Top Shopify Affiliates

Some of the top affiliates include Mohamed Ali Aguel, Ezra Firestone, Andreea Matei, Anthony morrison, Tai Lopez, Chris Record, Kevin David, Gabriel St Germain. Many of which have amassed tons of video views resulting in shopify earnings rumored to be in the 6 figure range.

Shopify Promotion Tips

The best way to promote shopify is through youtube marketing & content marketing. The more value you give the more likely it is for someone to sign up through your link. If your knowledgeable you can also help people for free in exchange for them using your shopify affiliate link to sign up.

Shopify youtube search results

You don’t want to be a spammer however. Posting your link in facebook groups, forums, blog & youtube comments are a sure fire way to ruin your reputation and waste time.

Buying & Selling Shopify Stores

You may be wondering how buyable or how sellable are shopify stores. It’s a good question to ask. Acquisitions of stores have been my bread & butter for the past 4 years. It’s an amazing business model with a lot of room for growth. Very exciting industry. If your looking to buy a store learn marketing. If your looking to sell a store learn accounting. One thing that enabled me to sell stores was having accurate financial data. Buyers like seeing things like this.

Buying A Shopify Store

Are shopify stores good to buy? It depends. If you’re reading this review to learn about the pros & cons of buying a shopify store your in the right place. The first thing you should know is that not all traffic is created equal. The platform itself is great however you will find people who sell shopify stores are relying on facebook ads. This bad news if your thinking about dropping 6 figures on a store. If that ad account gets banned or advertising costs go up you will have a hard time making your investment back. Knowing how to read a P&L is also helpful in making the decision to purchase a business. The stats will tell you how healthy a business is. If the business has been running for 2+ years you can feel more at ease. Stay away from young stores.

Shopify exchange listing

Selling A Shopify Store

Selling your shopify store has never been easier. I first started selling shopify stores in 2015 and it has been a really great experience. I think what set me apart was that I understood the value of a shopify store when other dropshippers didn’t. Shopify itself is just a platform that allows you to accept payments. Whenever you have revenue coming in no matter the business it can be sold for a good price.

There are sites like Shopify Exchange, Flippa, Empire Flippers, & Website Closers that all accept shopify stores. However if your looking to sell a chinese dropshipping store your going to have a much harder time finding a buyer. This is because people are starting to notice these types of stores are not long term. Not only that but 99% of dropshippers use Facebook advertising as their main form of traffic. This is also a problem since Facebook has been banning advertising accounts lately.

Brokers don’t want to risk their reputation with trying to sell these types of brands. However if your building a REAL business there are lots of buyers who would love to give you a large lump of change for your brand. Below is a fitness brand that I sold in 2015 that is still active. As a seller you want to find buyers who have a background in business if possible. Regular people with 9-5 jobs typically have a hard time managing a new ecommerce business.  $30,000 sold flippa listing

Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange homepage

When your ready to sell your shopify store simple add your store address & you will then be able to add the details of your listing such as how the business began, why your selling, assets that come with the business etc.

If you don’t want to run your shopify store anymore shopify will ask if you would like ti list it on their exchange. This can be a good option if your store has some assets attached to it like an email list or traffic strategy. If your a buyer you can salvage bad stores and turn them into something great with a little ingenuity. For instance if someone is selling their store because an ad account got banned you could get the site for cheap then explore other areas to advertise for quick wins. You can also sell stores on empire flippers. It’s much harder but if you plan on dropshipping in the US you have a high chance of getting on boarded as a seller.

One site in particular was sold on the exchange for only 10k & the new owner went on to do 6 figures in revenue. This was a general store that had a lot of facebook data and a huge email list. Right now I don’t see many people buying flipping distressed shopify stores but it’s definitely an option. Just don’t pay premiums for bad websites. Learn how to buy ecommerce sites on the shopify exchange like a pro here

Shopify’s Real Competitors

Instead of showing the typical competitors (bigcommerce, volusion, woocommerce etc) I decided to cover ecommerce platforms that are silently crushing it. These are shopify’s real competitors no one told you about. Both companies have a visual interface which seems to be where things are headed.


Clickfunnels is a drag & drop website builder developed by Russell Brunson. Recently this platform has been used by entrepreneurs to create high converting ecommerce funnels. Which is not what the platform was originally designed for. The fact that it has a free trial and allows you to upsell products post purchase with no extra fees puts it on dropshippers radar. Influencers such as Peter Pru & Trey Lewellen live by clickfunnels for ecommerce.

Clickfunnels home page

Funnel Builder


Clickfunnels pricing table


  • Upsell funnels
  • Multiple websites
  • Customized checkout
  • Stripe payment integration


CommerceHQ is a serious shopify competitor in the ecommerce platform race. This platform was developed by canadian resident Jon Mac author of Cash Flow For Life & Freedom Formula. CommerceHQ fixes a lot of problems that shopify has. From the expensive app costs to payment processing problem. They even have their own theme editor that is more advanced that shopify’s out of the box solution.

CommerceHQ homepage

Visual Builder


CommerceHQ pricing table


  • Free apps
  • Powerful theme editor
  • Stripe payment integration
  • No transaction fees

I’d say the major problem with CHQ is the lack of apps available. Since the apps are created in house its rather costly for them to create thousands of apps to solve every single solution. The apps are free however you are drastically restricted by how fast the the company can roll out with new features. Whereas with shopify developers are creating hundreds of apps everyday for free. Hard to compete.

This also may be your first time hearing about this solution. This is because of the lack of awareness the company has. They mainly attract sellers who are focused on dropshipping. However that may not be a big enough market to get to shopify’s level of success. If traditional dropshipping disappears what direction will CommerceHQ take?

Brands using clickfunnels: FiberFix

The Final Verdict

shopify 4.5/5 star rating

4.5/5 Stars


  • Super easy to get started
  • Lots of apps for anything you need
  • Fast 2 day wire payments
  • Great Facebook tracking
  • 14 day free trial + Affordable pricing
  • Amazing affiliate program with generous payouts
  • Fantastic community of marketers


  • Shopify payment unfriendly to dropshippers
  • Lack of custom checkout
  • Website speed issues based on the amount of apps requesting data
  • Poor default blogging features
  • App costs add up
  • Too much editing of the theme liquid (more than I would like)

Pros & Cons aside Shopify is still a great choice if you plan to run an ecommerce business. They invested hundreds of millions of dollars so that you can have your own store with all of the bells and whistles. If you where to get your own ecommerce solution built it would be extremely costly unless you have a developer background. Shopify still has my vote.

Related Questions

Is shopify better than clickfunnels?

If you have a store with multiple skus & complicated fulfillment process then yes. Shopify was made for ecommerce clickfunnels was not. However if you master clickfunnels you will be able to do things that would be very costly to do in shopify such as building a custom checkout funnel & upselling products.

Clickfunnels would work best if you had a single product store. This is because CLickfunnels was made for people who sell one digital product. There isn’t that great of a support for ecommerce products. For instance you have to use things like webhooks to send data to your shopify store if you wanted to sell multiple variants of the same product. It gets very messy really quickly. What I see people doing is run traffic to their main product and have their regular shopify store for retargeting.

I got scammed from a fake store, what do I do?

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately Shopify inc is a separate entity that is not liable for any loss. However chargebacks issued on your end does affect their payment processing reputation. When a chargeback is issued they send a notification to the seller in order to get the issue resolved. You have a high chance of winning the chargeback if you have proof of a poor product or non-delivery. Try locating the companies contact info either in the contact or about us page. In addition try reaching out to the brand on social media.

What are people’s thoughts on reddit about shopify?

What’s interesting is that most review sites that are created by marketers tend to be very biased, usually in an effort to get people to buy the software with their affiliate link. However I’ve included some unbiased Reddit reviews that bring more of a balanced perspective.

“I haven’t used shopify beyond playing with the free trial, but my biggest gripe is that you get hit with a major upsell charge if you want carrier calculated shipping. “
Read full review…

“Start off with Shopify, then grow your business and purchase a site design from scratch and install it.”
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“I would consider a custom solution, once your store generates enough profit. You should consider building a performing, custom shop if you can recoup the investment in a few months tops. “
Read full review…

” If you have your idea ready to go, and are ready to provide the service, I would honestly go Shopify.”
Read full review…


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