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How to not suck as a social media manager

In order to stand out you must have a very specific set of skills. Gone are the days of simply posting videos and images to facebook pages and collecting a check. You will now be required to know a lot more.

As someone who has been in this industry for 5+ years I can give you some insightful tips on how to not only get a job in this field but also rise above the ranks extremely quickly.

1. Money matters

With the whole recession coming companies are looking for more sure fire ways to make a profit. Social media marketing has been a luxury position for many people over the last couple of years. At the end of the day money matters. You will have to show how YOU can increase the company’s bottom line through how you manage their social media profiles. If you can talk in advertising lingo they will be even more impressed. Which takes us to the next bullet point.

2. Go above and beyond of what’s required

Start to think of yourself as more than a social content manager. Think of yourself as someone who can potentially start managing ad budgets. This topic is actually more serious than you would think. Virtual assistants from other countries are coming for jobs like these. Knowing more than what the job calls for will be non negotiable if you want to stay employed. Here are a few metrics you should start to get familiar with.

CPC – Cost per click

CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions

CTR – Click through rate

CPA – Cost per action

CPL – Cost per lead

EPC – Earnings per click

Pixel – A 1×1 image that goes on a site to track visitor actions such as add to
carts and purchases. Not to be confused with a cookie.

Cookie – Cookies are usually used for personalization where as pixels track what a visitor is doing on the page.

UTM – Used for tracking the source of traffic. If you have no way of knowing which post is bringing in the most traffic you won’t be able to show those results to your employer. Otherwise they may assume your posts aren’t really making an impact.

3. Study The Cognitive Biases & Human Psychology

In order to help your boss or client make as much money as possibly on through their social media accounts you need to be able to know how humans react. Use the cognitive biases [1] to your advantage to gain more attention.

Bellow is a great presentation by Dao Nguyen[2] on how you can literally engineer viral content. If you implement just a fraction of what she goes over your clients will love you.

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7 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Know How To Use

The more tools you have under your belt the better. Here are a few automation tools that will look good on your resume.

1. Asana – Enterprise level productivity tool

2. Buffer – Social media post scheduling tool

3. Canva – Browser based image editing tool. Great for making quick social media content.

4. Dropbox – Cloud file storage platform.

5. Facebook Business Manager – Social media account management tool created by Facebook. You typically get BM access day one in order to manage fan pages and run ads.

6. GoPro Quick – Lightweight video editing app perfect for editing videos quickly. GoPro quick has some Incredible transitions.

7. Hootsuite – Social media post scheduling tool

8. If This Then That(IFTTT) – A trigger based automation tool that links 2 services together. IFFTTT calls its connections applets.

9. Photoshop – Enterprise level mage editing software.

10. Trello – Productivity tool

11. Zapier – A trigger based automation tool that links 2 services together. Zapier calls its connections zaps.

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No one is giving me a shot what do I do?!

I’d first like to start off by saying it’s not personal. Companies can’t really see who you really are at an individual level since they have to sort through tons of applicants daily & the founder is usually never the one you would be talking to. It could have just been a bad day for whoever was in charge of reviewing your application. This is a sad fact especially for those who are really good at what they do…

Here is what I would do.

1. Offer your services as an agency instead of an employee.

When companies work with agencies they don’t have to worry about all the headache that comes with onboarding a new employee. You can also set your own rates AND get paid upfront for the first month of work. You will need to know how to sell for this to work however. You should be aiming for the call or virtual appointment. Never try and close through email. This also shortens your waiting time. While Jessica is waiting for her application to be approved you’ve already closed 2-3 clients over the phone with money already heading to your bank account. Read my agency article here to get some insights on running an agency.

2. Offer valuable content (consistently)

You can offer things such as social media audits, new blog content, or even social media templates. They say it’s best to give than it is to receive which is half true. You will see shortly.

If you can give value on a consistent basis you are also more likely to be chosen. This is based on the availability heuristic. How you get people to follow you is your choice. Linkedin is probably the easiest way. Email marketing gives you more control and a higher chance of someone viewing your content.

3. Ask for favors

It may sound counter intuitive to ask someone for a favor however its extremely powerful if done correctly. Benjamin franklin[3] discovered a cognitive bias now coined the Benjamin Franklin Effect which states someone is more likely to like you if they’ve given you something. It’s better to ask for something that is relevant to the person’s interest. Benjamin Franklin asked to borrow a book from one of his haters and that’s what triggered the response.

If you ask for things that are more self centered such as “Can you send a referral?” you will most likely get ignored. Asking something like “What keeps you motivated during hard times?” could be the thing that makes someone like you more.

Another reason this works is because Self actualization is on the very top of maslow’s hierarchy of needs[4]. Everyone wants to feel like they are making a difference.

4. Make A Course

If you think you have information that someone else could use try making a course. For the people who said “not right now” to your services try offering them a discount. You also get to benefit from leverage[5] as you only have to make the course once.

You can host your social media marketing course on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Gumroad, Teachable, & Clickfunnels,.

Want to get seen? Post a short bio and resume link in the comments.


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